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Posted 05/09/2019 in Capital Raising

Crush Your Capital Raising Goals

Crush Your Capital Raising Goals

Don’t raise capital alone

Most new entrepreneurs struggle at least a little when it comes to figuring out the best ways to raise capital for their business. From understanding what a pitch is to knowing where to find investors, there’s a lot to learn! It can feel overwhelming or even impossible at times. 

That’s why we created the Crush Your Capital Raising Goals podcast. We know that it takes a village to really understand capital raising, so we bring in experts who have the experience to answer tough questions about capital raising and help us make sense out of small business financing. Tune in every week to hear capital raising advice from seasoned investors and serial entrepreneurs who have learned a lot of lessons, both good and bad, along the way to where they are now. 

The podcast is hosted by our very own Capital Raising Club co-founder Rose Vitale along with co-host John Taber. Together, they bring guests to the show who share their experiences getting capital and mentoring businesses to help entrepreneurs navigate the world of capital raising. If you’re an investor and you want to share your knowledge and experience with our audience, let’s talk!

If you haven’t been able to listen to our broadcast live, don’t worry. You can catch up on all our past episodes by subscribing to our podcast on iTunes and Spotify.

Nathan Rose Talks Equity Crowdfunding

Last week, we talked to Nathan Rose about equity crowdfunding, which, as you might remember, is a form of capital raising that’s open for all kinds of investors, including accredited and nonaccredited investors

Nathan’s book Equity Crowdfunding: The Complete Guide For Startups And Growing Companies breaks down everything business owners need to know about raising capital without turning to venture capitalists or angel investors. His website Startup Funding Secrets also gives business owners useful tools and resources to get capital through equity crowdfunding.

When people hear the word “crowdfunding,” they tend to think of websites like Kickstarter, where you can support a startup business for just a few dollars and get something from the company in return. In equity crowdfunding, you give a company money and get shares in that company in return. 

Don’t think that you’ll only get a few dollars here and there from equity crowdfunding. During our conversation with Nathan, we learned that there are different ways to raise capital through equity crowdfunding depending on where you’re located. In the U.S., for instance, you can raise up to $1 million every 12 months with title 3 crowdfunding (which is the most popular type of equity crowdfunding in th U.S.). Other countries have different limits. For instance, in Australia, you can get $5 million every 12 months. 

Like other types of capital raising, equity crowdfunding won’t raise money for your business overnight. An equity crowdfunding campaign takes months of preparation. Fortunately, with the tools Nathan provides, any entrepreneur can successfully create an equity crowdfunding campaign and start raising capital for their business without pitching to investors.

If you’re interested in learning more about equity crowdfunding, including when it’s a good idea and when you should definitely avoid it, make sure to take a listen to our conversation with Nathan.

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