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Posted 03/08/2019 in Capital Raising

How To List Your Capital Raising Project. Connect with High-Worth Investors

How To List Your Capital Raising Project. Connect with High-Worth Investors


Connect with High-Worth Investors By Listing Your Project

Add your project to the Capital Raising Club listings today so that investors from around the world can view it, while you search for the right strategic partner to connect with.


The Leading Online Capital Raising Directory

When you decide to list your project, business, startup or development in our directory, you create endless funding opportunities to get the capital you need from the partners you want.

We have assembled powerful investors from around the globe, all looking for the next great opportunity to invest their money in. By listing your project, you receive the visibility needed to get capital injections and develop strategic partnerships.

Search. Compare. Connect.

Once you join the Capital Raising Club as a listed company, you are able to discover the right investors for your project from our vast investor network.

Online Investor Search

With venture capitalists, family offices, angel investors, corporate fund managers and more just a click away, you can find the partners who match with your goals and company values.

Compare the Possibilities

Each investor member has their own unique set of goals, capital available and preferences. You can review the potential investors for your project and shortlist the best candidates.

Contact Directly

Our platform allows you to reach out to potential investors to explain why your project is right for them! A personalized approach and a custom pitch based on their profiles greatly increases your chances of receiving funding.

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